The Value of Commercial LED Retrofit Specialists in Waterloo

If you own or lease a commercial building in Waterloo, you may be looking for ways to make it more efficient. Maybe you are looking to cut down on monthly operating costs, make the building more environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprint, or maybe you just want to customize your lighting to make it more useful in terms of placement and direction. A commercial LED retrofit will make it possible to realize all of these goals in one project and it is even more affordable than you might think.

Finding a reputable and professional commercial LED retrofit specialist will make the experience as simple and convenient as possible. The top LED retrofit specialists offer complete turnkey LED lighting solutions. These types of solutions are the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind as they cover every step of the project from concept to finished installation. This includes an initial energy audit of your existing lighting and even filing all necessary paperwork to ensure government rebates are successfully claimed.

What Benefits Can You Expect from a Commercial LED Retrofit?
What Benefits Can You Expect from a Commercial LED Retrofit?

LED lighting is well known as being much more energy efficient than traditional types of lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. How much more energy efficient will LED lighting be on a larger, commercial scale? Replacing existing fixtures with LED fixtures will often result in savings of up to 50% on hydro bills.

LED lamps and fixtures also offer increased durability and lifespan. Traditional bulbs are prone to easy breakage but LED lamps and especially fixtures can often withstand stress that other bulbs could not. In terms of lifespan, LED fixtures typically last up to five times longer than incandescent bulbs. This will result in significant savings in replacement costs over the long-term.

An LED fixture retrofit project will provide complete customization control over the lighting in the building. This includes being able to perfectly position the lights in all areas as needed. The temperature and brightness of the lights can be customized to provide bright, clean light or to create an ambience if needed.

Customize Your LED Retrofit Project to Your Exact Needs
Customize Your LED Retrofit Project to Your Exact Needs

The ability to select a simple replacement of existing lamps with new LED lights, or to completely replace the fixtures with LED light fixtures provides an upgrade path for all types of commercial building users to enjoy the benefits of LED lights. Whether you own the building or are simply on a short-term lease, the benefits of LED lighting can be realized for any budget. This is especially true with the availability of Save On Energy rebates from the government of Ontario. These rebates can cut the capital costs of the project by as much as 50%. When it is time to discuss your commercial LED retrofit project in Waterloo, contact the specialists at InLight Solutions to schedule a complimentary energy assessment to see just how much you stand to benefit from LED lighting.

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